This page is a remembrance of Joel's Australian Cattle Dog, Candice (a.k.a "Candy the Craphound"©)

Also called the "Queensland Blue Heeler", this breed was developed to drive herds across the Australian Outback to market in Sydney. They did with cattle what border collies do with sheep, but on a much larger and more dangerous scale.

Born in Florida in 1996 and passing 15 years later, she was one smart li'l girl!

Make no mistake about it: With all that intelligence, she could also be an INCREDIBLE pain-in-the-ass, but she was a wonderful soul who added much to my life. As with the memories of all my dogs, she still does...

These pictures display some of Candy's personality (or are just plain cute!) so hopefully they will be worth your time. Enjoy!

Soccer Ball Showing her athletic and photogenic sides, Candy poses, ready to spring into action with one of her favorite backyard toys.

Goalie Since she is the goalkeeper, she's allowed to touch the ball with her, make that "paws"...

Stick Another favorite outdoor activity (that doesn't include herding) involves sticks, ranging in size from little twigs to six foot redwood 2x4s. Really.

Stick Sharing When a friend visits, it's nice to share.

Naptime With everything under control, sometimes it just makes sense to hop up on the subwoofer and take a snooze. (WARNING: We cannot be responsible for any uncontrollable yawning fits that may result from viewing this picture!)

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